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Key benefits

Originally designed as a shop floor data collection system, MasterTime has evolved into a complete employee time collection and analysis system.

Control your labor costs by tracking overtime for regular and contract employees

Fully integrated with Microsoft Business Central - easily integrates with all other ERP systems

MasterTime operates seamlessly via a secure cloud connection

MasterTime provides supervisors with real-time data and reports for all employees

MasterTime’s powerful dashboard interface allows for quick and easy analysis

Full features

Control your labor costs
  • Track labor costs by department, assembly order, production order or by supervisor
  • Helps control overtime costs.
  • Track regular as well as contract employees.
  • When you control labor costs, you increase bottom line profits.
  • MasterTime collects the data and easily interfaces with your ERP system, reducing admin and back office costs.
Secure Cloud Server
  • MasterTime operates in the cloud on secure servers
  • Uses simple barcode scanners for employee log in, job codes, etc
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Business Central
  • Integrates with other ERP systems through data exchange files
  • Uses SQL server back end for increased reliability and scalability
  • Prints employee ID badges
  • Multiple geographic locations handled by a single instance
Powerful reports
  • Employee Master Detail
  • Production Order Master Detail
  • Who Is Working
  • Time Ready for Approval
  • Export Contract Worker Hours for Vendors
  • Time History by Employee
  • Daily Overtime
  • Supervisor Performance
  • Dashboard labor reporting by department, production order, work center, supervisor and contract vendor

How it works


Staff members scan their barcoded IDs to clock into the system and record the beginning and end of each task


MasterTime automatically logs the time taken on each task which can be filtered by employee, department, task type and more


All data is stored in the cloud and integrates with the company’s ERP and payroll systems


MasterTime’s powerful dashboard interface allows managers to see all of the data and generate reports in easy-to-digest formats

What our clients say

"I highly recommend MasterTime! The team provided personalized attention, expert guidance, and ensured our system was tailored to our unique business needs. Working with them was a great experience and we’re thrilled with the results."

Jake Milner, Vice President of Operations at Groove Life

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